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How To Unscrew a Bathtub Stopper

Unscrewing your bathtub stopper is necessary in order to replace it and to have your drain unclogged. Some people hire a plumber to do this but doing this yourself will actually save you money. You will also be able to acquire experience in maintaining and fixing your bathtub. This is actually a very easy task. Just make sure you know what type it is and you’ll be able to do it in no time. Just follow the simple instructions below and you will be able to successfully remove your bathtub stopper.

    Remove foot-lock plug. Remove your tub’s foot-lock plug. To do so, just unscrew it by simply turning it around in a counterclockwise manner. You shall find out if this is the type of your plug through the manner in which the drain is plugged. If the drain is sealed and unsealed by the foot pushing toward the plug, then it is a foot-lock plug.
    Remove roller-ball-type plug. If it is a roller-ball-type plug, unscrew it by simply turning it around in a counter-clockwise manner. If in the case you get the push and pull variant of this plug, know that you will need to either push or pull on its drain knob in order to have its seal changed.
    Remove lift-and-turn drain. If you have this type, look for its set screw. It should be underside. Unscrew it. You can now remove the plug. If you rotate its drain plug to have it sealed or unsealed, then it is a lift-and-turn drain.

    Remove pop-up drains. If you have this type, use pliers in order to hold down the stem underneath its cap. Unscrew this cap in order to have the plugged removed. You have this type if plug the drain by using the trip lever controlling the plug.

Now that you know the basics, the job should be easy enough, but if you are still unsure, you might want to ask your plumber about it. You should also take note that the instructions may change depending on the material of your bathtub stopper. Just remember the quick guidelines. Usually, bath tubs already come with a stopper. It is very simple especially if you already know the drain plug that you have. If the tub doesn’t have its trip lever, then it means that it’s a foot lock, lift-and-turn, or roller ball. If it has a smooth stopper, with no handle at the center, then it’s a foot-lock drain. If there is a handle at the center and it needs pushing and pulling, yours is a roller-ball drain. The twist-and-turn kinds of drains are similar to the roller-ball drains. However, they will require twisting the stopper along different directions in order to open it or close it. If the tub has its own trip lever allowing the stopper to be raised or lowered from its overflow plate, then it makes use of either a plunger or a pop-up drain. There are metal bathtub stoppers so you must want to ask your plumber about that.

If you are about to purchase your bath tub, it would be convenient for you in the future if you already ask questions while you are at it. You can also consult with your local handyman and bathroom fixture stores.

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