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How To Use Drywall Knives

When you are putting up a drywall, it is essential that you use drywall knives. These are helpful tools that do jobs that no other knife can do. These are knifes that have blades that are flat and edges that are straight. If you do not know how to use drywall knives yet, check out this guide to help you along the way:

    Take note of the different types of drywall knives. Knives like this come in a variation of sizes starting from four inches to 16 inches. Take note that it is always recommended to use at least three knives with different widths for your drywall project. Each size of drywall knives does a very different job. For instance, a 10-inch knife is used in applying and also removing excess compound. On the other hand, a five-inch knife is used for applying the compound in the drywall's seams and corners. If you come equipped with different sizes of knives, you can be certain that you will be assisted all throughout the project.
    Hold the drywall knives properly for better results. If you hold the knives well, your stroke will be improved. Plus, it can promote a more even and smooth distribution of the compound when using them for your drywall projects. The right way to grip it is to use your thumb, ring, and little finger to encircle the knife's handle. The middle and index finger will be used on both sides of the blade. These two fingers will be used to add pressure on the outer edges of the blades while you work.

    Use the drywall knives for removing excess compound. When using this knife for this purpose, hold the knife's edge at an angle right against the tape. Then, pull it firmly against the excess tape so you can trim the taping off.
    Clean the drywall knives every after use. If the compound becomes dry on the knives, you can end up having problems removing it later. Plus, dried compound on the knives will make them less efficient in performing their tasks. Hence, it is advisable that you clean the blades of each knife every after use. Plus, make sure you clean the blade very thoroughly. In most cases, it even is better to wipe the two sides of the blades of your knife every couple of seconds while your work. The best tool you can use in cleaning drywall knives is a pan blade. It is a tool that is helpful not only for sharpening the blade but also for wiping the blade clean.
    Get the rust off your drywall knives. Your knives are also prone to rusting. If this happens, you can get rid of it by sanding each blade with sandpaper until you see the blade smooth again. To prevent this from happening again, make sure you dry the knives after you use them.

You cannot finish your drywall project without the use of drywall knives. However, take note to use each knife with precision and care. It is important that you are guided on how to properly use them for best results of your project. Plus, it must be take cared of correctly to ensure they will remain efficient for your drywall projects for a longer period of time.

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