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How To Grow Lenton Roses

Do you know that there are flowers that grow during winter? They are popularly called Lenton or Christmas roses. These are evergreen plants that grow as wide and as tall as 18 inches and reproduce nodding flowers of different colors such as pink, white, purple, crimson, lime-green and even mottled. Some are more volatile to grow compare to others. It is best if you get Lenton roses that are appropriate for USDA (US Department of Agriculture) areas 4 to 11. If you decide to plant Lenton roses, below is the guide to help you make them grow efficiently.

    Look for the appropriate site to plant. Lenton roses prefer soil with spotted sunlight like under evergreen trees or with areas that are partially shaded. This kind of area makes the soil rich making it very effective for the normal growth of Lenton roses.
    Know when to plant Lenton roses. Start to plant them during winter from April until May. But first you have to cultivate the soil. Try to find out if the soil needs much enrichment so that you can add organic and natural matter. Make sure you create a deeper hole more than the Lenton roses’ bare roots. Hold their roots straight up and cover them immediately with soil. Gently fill them down to eliminate water and air bubbles to make the soil sufficiently rich.

    Have a regular water system. Water them regularly to make the soil humid especially for Lenton roses that are recently planted, and during extended or dry seasons. During spring cover them with mulch, compost or manure and adopt a comprehensive plant food. Be sure to spray fungicide to prevent the Lenton roses against leaf blotch that can really cause great harm to plants. If slugs and aphids attack your flowers use some pesticide.
    Observe the growth of your Lenton roses. Usually they bloom from the middle of winter to the early days of spring. By this time, regularly check the status of your plants. As much as possible do not do anything to your flowers except when you need to trim down their dead stems and leaves.
    Divide fully grown Lenton roses immediately after flowering. Just pick them up and divide them gently. Replant them eight to twelve inches apart. In addition, Lenton roses may also grow directly from seeds but this method takes three to five years before the flowers bloom. Nevertheless, their seedlings produce remarkable shades.

Lenton roses show excellent growth if you plant them in containers especially during wintertime to create attractive cut flowers. Double check the return policies and guarantee agreements of the places or the areas where you buy your seeds and plants such as the nursery, catalog, gardening center or website. Be sure to purchase them to areas that have at least a year guarantee that require your receipt or shipping label. That is why it is a must that you keep all your receipts complete for you guarantee policies.

Follow these steps and you will have fully bloomed Lenton roses in your area in no time.

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