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How To Protect your Plants from your Cat

Cats like playing around with stuff they can get their paws on including your plants. They are most especially drawn to green and leafy plants and will not hesitate to nip at your plants given the opportunity. Your cat is not different from all other cats so expect the same behavior. Short of banning your cat from the premises of your home or before it even gets to the point where you put your cat up for adoption, there are ways to approach this problem before it really gets out of hand.

Here are some suggestions on keeping your cat off your plants.

    Pile on some rough stones. Your cat will dig through the soil surrounding your plants before actually moving on to the leaves or flowers. Provide a deterrent by placing rough stones around the soil of your plants. Once you are done with this task, observe how your cat will go about the new addition. If you see that he is still able to dig his way through. Go to the next suggestion.
    Sprinkle used coffee grounds on the soil. Coffee grounds are also great for soil fertilization so by sprinkling these on the soil, not only will your turn your cat off from playing with your plants, you also promote healthier soil.
    Elevate your plants. Get someone to make hanging shelves for you to place your plants on. By elevating your plants you are essentially solving the problem and nipping it in the bud. Just make sure your cat wouldn’t be able to find your way to the shelves by climbing through steel bars or steel enclosures near the shelves.

    Place your potted plants in a cart or barrel. It will make it difficult for your cat to climb through either to get to your plants.
    Sprinkle cayenne pepper on the soil and the leaves of your plants. The sting alone will make your cat leave your plants well alone.
    Buy plants that cats don’t like. Thorny plants and plants that give off a repugnant smell (for animals like cats) are one of the best deterrents for your cat.
    Make a green patch of grass. Here’s something you might not know: cats love grass and prefer it to plants. Maybe your cat attacks your plants because you don’t have a patch of green grass in your garden? Well, it’s time to get one in your garden. Buy the fast-growing variety of green grass. For sure, your cat will hang out on the grass more often than he would on your plants. However, you have to be aware of the fact that it will take a transition period from plants to grass but your cat will wise up eventually.
    Place lemon peels on the soil. The citrus scent of lemon and other citrus fruits for that matter turn cats off. It will also keep insects off your plants. Again – dual purpose.
    Tie tea bags on the stems of your plants. Tea bags also work against your cat’s instinct of nipping your plants. The green tea variety is particularly repugnant to your house feline.

You have to remember that cats don’t automatically focus on your plants as a plaything to destroy. In fact, this is the last resort when they are bored. Aside from using the suggestions listed on this page, you can buy toys or create home-made catnip that cats like playing with.

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