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How To Use Hand Truck Straps

A hand truck is a very practical aid used for moving items from one place to another easily and in very little time. You are able to load items such as furniture and cargo, stack them up on the hand truck’s frame, and transport them to wherever you need to without having to exert much effort.

To ensure the safety of your items, most hand trucks feature a cargo strap, which keeps items securely in place so that they do not move around during transport. This is also a way of making sure that these items are not damaged either in spite of the trucks movements. Here’s how to use the hand truck straps so you need not worry about your things falling off and breaking into pieces or getting damaged.

    Determine the item that you need to load on the hand truck. Assess the item you need to transport. If it is a breakable item, make sure it is packaged properly. It’s easier to load, secure and transport items on a hand truck when it is boxed properly.
    Carefully load your items onto the hand truck. When you load any particular item on your hand truck, try to push it as far back into the truck as you can. Make sure that you keep it well balanced too. If you are loading a box, allow its backside to have contact with the back area of the truck. Although it may not be as easy with items that are not box-shaped, it is still easier to keep them balanced for as long as they are situated all the way back.

    Use a moving blanket if needed. If you are transporting breakables, it’s a good idea to use fabric or something soft to add as a cushion. Simply place the moving blanket over the item you are transporting before securing with the strap.
    Locate the hand truck straps. There are two types of straps you can make use of, one with a buckle for fastening, and another that is simply tightened and then tied. Buckled straps are a lot easier to secure, as you simply need to tighten and adjust the strap according to the size of your item to keep it in place.
    Wrap the strap around the item. Place the strap around the center of the item you are transporting. To begin, get one side of the hand truck strap and move it around your item so that it is completely surrounded. Locate the buckle of the strap on the side of the truck and insert the strap into it.
    Adjust the strap to tighten. You can now begin to adjust the strap. Pull it as far as it can go so that your item does not have any space to wobble or move around. With boxes, keep the strap as tight as possible. For breakables, tighten as you wish but make sure that the tautness on the strap does not damage or break anything.

Do not take these straps for granted, as they are your insurance of getting all of your items to where you are taking them safely and good as new.

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