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How To Seal Natural Stone Countertops

When you plan out your home, there are a lot of things you take into consideration. One perfect example is your countertop. Now this may seem like a minor detail but knowing the type of material to be used in each and every part of your house is important. Most household decorators recommend using natural stone. Natural stone countertops exude beauty and simplicity. It is the ideal finishing touch to your already beautifully designed kitchen. Countertops made of natural stone not only add that classy finish, but is also fit for your budget. You just need to take good care of it with the appropriate maintenance, proper care, and use the most durable countertop sealer to keep its natural form for years and years. Sealing countertop made of natural stone is a very vital part in maintaining this part of the kitchen. A homeowner like you can make use of these helpful tips on how to seal natural stone countertops.

    Clean the natural stone countertop. Prior to applying the stone seal on your countertop, you must first wipe it clean and get rid of any dust or filth that has accumulated. Use a nice and dry rug to do this. It is also advised to sanitize with a countertop cleaner or any kitchen cleaner suitable. Let it dry for a few hours.

    Put on the countertop sealant. Depending on the instruction on the sealant box, you can use either of the following to apply it:  a rag, a brush, or a spray. Make sure you know which one suits best on your natural stone countertop before wiping, brushing, or spraying any sealant on it. Take one portion of about 5 square foot per application. You need to let it sit for more or less 5 minutes for the sealant to percolate in the stone. Again, let this layer dry up before putting on a second layer. Wipe clean with a cloth.
    Repeat procedure. When you’re done with one section, you can now continue with the rest of the portions. Again, clean the stone first using a clean cloth let it dry before applying the sealant. Once it’s dry you can now brush, wipe, or spray on the sealer. Let it dry once more to allow the stone to absorb the sealant, and then apply the second layer of sealant.

Your natural stone countertops are now clean and sealed. Sealant layers will still go through wear and tear over time therefore you need to maintain it and go over the steps again every year. You can see if your natural stone countertop needs a re-application of sealant if it darkens when spilled or poured water sits there for at least 30 minutes. Remember to clean your countertop first depending on the type of stone used. If it’s really grubby, it is advised to use an alkaline cleanser to tap easily into the dirt. You can use cloth made of cotton or microfiber to dry it up perfectly. It is very important to let the stone dry out so you won’t go wasting your sealant away.

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My wife and I have been looking into finding a company that installs natural stone in Huntley. This is a great how-to for installing it! I wanted to do it myself but my wife thinks we should hire someone. I'll show her this article and see if she will change her mind and let me do it.

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