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How To Relocate a Thermostat

So the weather is changing and you see the need of relocating your thermostat. There is nothing to worry about if you want to do it yourself instead of calling for the assistance of a professional. There are simple steps you can follow in order to relocate a thermostat. Know how to relocate a thermostat and you can make the most out of having your thermostat in another location.

    Remove the thermostat and write down the color coding or overall look of the wiring and the termination point of every wire. Set out to your furnace to see how the wiring passes through the floor. You can do this with a little help from someone who can tug the wiring from upstairs so that you will know from the downstairs what wire moves. Colored tapes will help on identifying every wire.
    After locating the wiring and the source, drill a hole through the wall depending on what height you want the thermostat to be relocated. Set out to the basement and drill another hole where the wire must be fished through. Have a fish tape and have it fished through the wall. Make sure that it heads to the larger hole.

Once the tape has already run through the frame from the new location for the thermostat, it is time to have the wires settled. Have the wires you have markers pulled from the old location of the thermostat. Make sure that the loop end of the tape is securely taped. Take note that if there is a need to splice more wires into the old one, you can do so, especially if you want to guarantee that there is sufficient wiring for the new location of the thermostat.
Up until you locate the wire, have the tape pulled. By then, it is time to get rid of the the wire off the fish line. Leave about half a foot of it when cutting it out of the wall. Terminate every wire depending on how you have noted it earlier and strip them. If there is any excess wire, push them into the wall to hide them. You can now mount the thermostat on its new location.
If it is possible to have a board at the back of the area of the wall that has a hole in it, use a screwdriver in screwing a board at that portion. Have a piece of drywall screwed also into it. Use a tape that is specifically for drywall in taping. If it is necessary, consider applying a few coats of drywall compound. Just make sure that before every application, the prior application must be dried first. After the application of the drywall compound, follow it up with the sanding of the surface to make it smooth. You can also paint it for additional decoration.
Always be careful whenever you use the materials for this project. Safety gears are just some of what you can take advantage of when it comes to protecting yourself from harm during the relocation of your thermostat.

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