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How To Stop Mushrooms from Growing

Mushrooms may be fine on the dinner table, but when small and inedible wild mushrooms start growing in your lawn, it can be quite disgusting. If you want to prevent mushrooms from growing in your house or in the lawn, here are some steps that you need to follow.

    Dry. First of all, you need to make sure that your house is as dry as possible. Remember, a mushroom is a type of fungus that needs very few things in order to survive. One of the things that it does need in order to live, however, is some water. If a place is moist and not enough sunlight gets into the area, fungi and mushrooms can begin to grow. By keeping your house dry at all times, you should be able to prevent mushrooms from growing. This can, however, be a bit difficult when talking about your yard, which you probably need to keep, watered to keep the grass alive.
    Cut. Next, make sure that you cut down some of the larger tree branches that obstruct sunlight from getting to your lawn. Apart from moisture, mushrooms thrive in places that have plenty of shade. By making sure that you remove the excessive branches in the trees in your backyard, you should be able to prevent mushrooms from growing near the trunk, or in the shade of the tree. The next time you consider planting trees in your backyard, also try choosing trees that grow tall, but which do not have branches that spread out too much.

    Clean. Also make sure that you clean your surroundings regularly. If there are cans or containers lying around where water can collect, make sure that you dispose of these items or that you cover them. This way, mushrooms will not grow inside of these old and dirty cans. Also make sure that you remove dead plants and rotting wood from your yard. These contain nitrates that mushrooms love. After you have finished mowing your lawn, also be sure to collect the cut leaves so that they will not become fodder for mushrooms.
    Fungicide. If cleaning, cutting, and keeping your surroundings dry is not enough to prevent mushrooms from growing around your house, you should consider using fungicide. As much as possible, the use of fungicide should only be a last resort. After all, fungicide can disrupt the beneficial microorganisms that are living in the soil. When you use fungicide, be sure to read the instructions and labels well, and make sure that you apply the fungicide only in areas where you have seen mushrooms grow. These fungicide are usually available in hardware shops.
    Lime. Finally, you can also consider adding some lime in your soil. Lime is much friendlier on the soil compared to fungicide, and will only work to reduce the acidity in the soil. Because mushrooms usually grow best in soil that is fairly acidic, adding a little bit of lime in the soil may help to eradicate mushrooms.

With these easy steps, you should be able to easily prevent mushrooms from growing, and kill the mushrooms that are already in your house.

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